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Poké Bowl

Fisherman’s Choice Poké Bowl

Fisherman’s Choice Poké Bowl


Kanimi Crab Legs (Fisherman’s choice)

– Soy bean Kernels (Asian choice)

Wakama Salad (Asian choice)

– Cucumber

– Avocado

– Beet Sprouts

– Okinimiyaki Sauce (Otafuku)

– Sushi rice (Nishiki)

– Sushi vinegar (Mizkan)


If chosen to make this poke bowl really clean and fresh to make the Kanami crab legs the star of this dish.

Step 1. Wash you sushi rice until the whole rice grain turns white.

Step 2. Cook the rice in a rice cooker (500 g rice/ 600 ml water ). After the rice is cooked mix in 125 ml of sushi vinegar. Let the rice cool down till room temperature.

Step 3. Chop all of your vegetables to bite size.

Step 4. Start plating you sushi bowl with the sushi rice, vegetables, Kanimi crab legs and finish your bow with a good drizzle of the okonomiyaki sauce.

Fisherman’s Choice Poké Bowl