Shrimp Skewers 10pcs

Fisherman’s Choice Shrimp Skewers ASC

Peeled shrimp skewer

Pieces: 10 Shrimp Skewers ASC per box

Packaging: 10x800g

Brand: Fisherman’s Choice

Preparation: We recommend that you defrost the skewers at room temperature for about one hour or by placing them in cold running water for around 5 minutes. Rub the skewers dry and marinate to taste, for example with oil, garlic, pepper and lemon juice. The skewers may be cooked in four different ways. Under the grill (2-3 minutes), in a frying pan (2-3 minutes), on the barbecue (2-3 minutes) or in the deep fryer (at 190°C, 2-3 minutes). When the shrimps turn red, they are ready to eat.

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