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Our Brands

Fishermans choice
Fisherman’s Choice is our premium brand with a wide range of shrimp, seafood and crab products, our top selection. Fisherman’s Choice is a classy and luxurious brand with a stylish design. With these products you are able to serve a high quality dish!
Asian choice
Asian Choice is the brand of our sister company Asia Express Food, a brand with the best frozen food. You will mostly find this wide range of fish, shrimp and squid products in Asian supermarkets all over the world.
Super choice
Super choice is our own retail brand for (prefried) snacks and shrimp. A wide range of various pre-fried products with the least possible amount of artificial additives. These ASC certified products are of high quality. We chose a smaller packaging than for our other brands to make the product suitable for retail. Several snacks can be prepared in the air fryer. A snack for every occasion!
Private Label
In addition to our own brands, we work together with various partners to whom we supply our top selection. Our product with your brand on it? Everything is possible. Would you like to receive more information? Please contact our sales department.