These days we come across the word sustainability very often, many companies claim to operate sustainably but aren’t transparent about their production process and have no quality certificates.

At Fisherman’s Choice we are completely transparent about the production process of our products and we are affiliated with the major quality standards in our industry. We are committed to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy delicious fish and shrimp products.



The MSC standard represents sustainable fish stocks, minimizing environmental impact and effective fisheries management. Global G.A.P. stimulates the implementation of safe and sustainable aquaculture, workers health and safety and animal welfare. The NFI Crab Council is a group focused on crab sustainability. The Crab Council recognizes the importance of maintaining successful crab fisheries for international businesses as well as local economies.


Fisherman’s Choice is IFS Broker, ASC and MSC certified. We can also supply product that is BAP, Global G.A.P. or NFI certified. IFS Broker is a certification standard that ensures the safety of products for companies that only import and resell products. The IFS Broker certification guarantees the food safety of the products that Fisherman's Choice sells.

The ASC standard represents sustainable aquaculture with minimal impact on environment and society. The standard has strict rules regarding use of antibiotics, sustainable fish feed and good working conditions for staff. ASC certified sustainable farms must increase to meet the worldwide need for sustainable fish.

The BAP standard aims to improve environmental, social and economic performance of the aquaculture supply chain. Animal welfare and safe products for the consumer, acting socially responsibe towards the people and communities that grow and process the seafood and with respect for the environment.



By being certified through the standards as mentioned above we show that we take sustainability, environment, safety, workers health, animal welfare and society in relation to the products we import very seriously.