Seawater Body Peel Shrimp

Super Choice Seawater Body Peel ASC

Raw Super Choice Seawater Body Peel ASC

Semi I.Q.F.

Pieces: 11-13 Seawater Body Peel ASC per box

Packaging: 10x 300g (net weight)

Sizes: 21/30

To defrost: 1 to 2 hours at room temperature or put Super Choice Seawater Body Peel ASC in cold running water for about 5 minutes. Grill: coat the Super Choice Seawater Body Peel ASC evenly with oil or wrap in tinfoil and place on the barbecue (1-2 minutes per side). Fry: in a frying pan with hot oil and fi nely chopped garlic (1-2 minutes per side). Boil: in boiling water with a little salt, chopped leek and pepper grains (about 2 minutes). As soon as the Fisherman’s Choice Black Tiger – body peel shrimp turn red they are ready to eat.


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Super choice is our own retail brand for (prefried) snacks and shrimp. A wide range of various pre-fried products with the least possible amount of artificial additives. These ASC certified products are of high quality. We chose a smaller packaging than for our other brands to make the product suitable for retail. Several snacks can be prepared in the air fryer. A snack for every occasion!