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California Roll

Fisherman’s Choice California Rol Ingredients: – Crab Stix Hoso maki (Fisherman’s choice) – Cucumber – Avocado – White Sesame – Japanese mayonnaise (Kewpi) – Okinimiyaki Sauce (Otafuku) – Nori – Sushi rice (Nishiki) – Sushi vinegar (Mizkan) Direction: For the Hoso maki crab Stix I choose to roll a California style sushi roll to really let the flavour of the …

Poké Bowl

Fisherman’s Choice Poké Bowl Ingredients: – Kanimi Crab Legs (Fisherman’s choice) – Soy bean Kernels (Asian choice) – Wakama Salad (Asian choice) – Cucumber – Avocado – Beet Sprouts – Okinimiyaki Sauce (Otafuku) – Sushi rice (Nishiki) – Sushi vinegar (Mizkan) Direction: If chosen to make this poke bowl really clean and fresh to make the Kanami crab legs the …

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