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California Roll

Fisherman’s Choice California Rol

Fisherman’s Choice California Rol


– Crab Stix Hoso maki (Fisherman’s choice)

– Cucumber

– Avocado

– White Sesame

– Japanese mayonnaise (Kewpi)

– Okinimiyaki Sauce (Otafuku)

– Nori

– Sushi rice (Nishiki)

– Sushi vinegar (Mizkan)


For the Hoso maki crab Stix I choose to roll a California style sushi roll to really let the flavour of the crab Stix stand out.

Step 1. Wash you sushi rice until the whole rice grain turns white.

Step 2. Cook the rice in a rice cooker (500 g rice/ 600 ml water ). After the rice is cooked mix in 125 ml of sushi vinegar. Let the rice cool down till room temperature.

Step 3. Chop all of your vegetables to thin slices.

Step 4. Press the rice on the nori and sprinkle it with the sesame seeds. Start rolling your sushi with the vegetables and the hoso maki crab stix. And cut it in 8 pieces.

Step 5. Start plating the sushi roll and finish it with dots of the mayonnaise and the okonomiyaki sauce.

Fisherman’s Choice California Rol