King Prawn Provençale ASC

Fisherman’s Choice King Prawn Provençale ASC

Butterfly cut, marinated prawns

Pieces: 46-49 King Prawn Provençale ASC per box

Packaging: 10x750g

Brand: Fisherman’s Choice

Preparation: The Fisherman’s Choice King Prawn Provençale ASC are recommended to defrost for about 2 hours at room temperature on a plate. The shrimp can be prepared in 5 ways. In the microwave (4-5 min ca. 360 Watt), in the grill (4-6 min), in the oven 11-13 min, on the barbecue (6-8 min) or on a grill plate (4-6 min). As soon as the flesh turns white and the shell turns red the shrimp are ready to eat.




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